January 2012
Note: This article has been published in the Graham Hancock website, Cycle of Time, and Esamskriti.

There are many similarities between Amun, the all-powerful Creator god of the ancient Egyptians (with his primary center of worship at Thebes), and Krishna, the Supreme Creator of the Indians. Both of them were blue-complexioned, wore “feathers in their head-dress” and were depicted with a “sacred river” emerging from their feet. In addition, the grand Opet festival of Karnak, which was celebrated over a period of 24-27 days during the season of the flooding of the Nile, is identical in form and spirit to the Jagannath Ratha Yatra festival that is still celebrated every year at the coastal town of Puri, India. I had discussed these connections in detail in a previous article titled “Krishna Worship and Rathyatra Festival in Ancient Egypt?".