August 2020
My discussion with Cliff Dunning on the Earth Ancients Podcast, on the topic of the global tradition of the Seven Sages. This is based on my recent article: The Mystery of the Seven Sages: Were They Visitors from the Stars?

I get introduced at 46:52 mins into the podcast, and our discussion continues for nearly an hour after that. We touched upon of lot of interesting questions regarding the influence of the Seven Sages on our culture, and the implications of their extraterrestrial origins.

Many ancient legends tell us that in the bygone ages, a group of Seven Sages of extraordinary wisdom and untold powers visited the earth from the stars. They traveled around the world and passed on the knowledge of all the sciences and the arts to the people. They advised the kings on their royal duties, instituted the proper codes of living, and established the correct modes of ritual in order to sustain the cosmic harmony, and ensure the happiness and prosperity of the people. It was said to be a time when our planet was closely integrated with our larger cosmic family; a very different era compared to the profane world we live in today.