Most ancient cultures believed that human civilization and consciousness moves in grand cycles, slowly declining from Golden Ages of illumination and harmony to Dark Ages of ignorance and strife. In India, this cycle was called the Yuga Cycle. Other cultures knew it by different names. The Greeks referred to it as the Cycle of the Ages of Man, the Supreme Year, or the Great Year. The Persians called it the World Cycle. The Hopi refer to the four previous ages as the Four Worlds, while the Aztecs knew them as the Four Suns. The Egyptians were also aware of the Yuga Cycle, as did many other cultures; for this understanding was encoded into the ancient tales and sacred wisdom that had been orally transmitted for generations.

My discussion with Cliff Dunning on the Earth Ancients Podcast, on my new book "YUGA SHIFT: The End of the Kali Yuga & the Impending Planetary Transformation".

We touch upon a lot of interesting points, including the framework of the Yuga Cycle, the very similar ideas about the cyclical framework of ancient history shared by many ancient cultures, the gods, sages and extraterrestrial interventions in human civilization, the transformational changes we can expect going forward and how we can navigate the chaotic and turbulent times over the next couple of decades.

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I discuss my new book, YUGA SHIFT, with Crow and Jason on Crrow777 Radio. The first hour of the discussion is free to listen, while the second hour is only for subscribers.

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