This is my personal blog where I write on various topics of interest to me such as ancient civilizations, sacred symbolisms, myths, historical mysteries, ancient cosmic models, modern science, spirituality, consciousness, etc.

All the articles in this blog are based on my personal, independent research, that I undertake in my free time. They solely reflect my own opinions, ideas, and conclusions, and are not influenced in any way by any organization with which I may be associated. 

Although I make my best effort to ensure the accuracy of the facts and data presented in my articles, it is possible that there may be some errors or omissions. Therefore, I cannot vouch for the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site, and it is up to the reader to cross-check and decide the veracity of information presented here.

I hold the copyright to all the articles written by me on my blog. I have given appropriate credit to any sources (books, websites etc.) from where I have used relevant information or images in my articles. In case of any oversight on my part, where I have not provided due credit to copyrighted material, kindly inform me via email ( and I shall make the necessary corrections at the earliest.

Thank You,
Bibhu Dev Misra

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