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  1. Mr. Misra, Thank You for the enormous research time You spent on writing several of your articles. I learned a lot about the Kali Yuga and other calendrical concepts. ... I would love to share a few things I learned in my research. The Sumerian picture that You show is about the eruption of ORION. In 2012 Cornell University finally declared the Orion Nebula as a 'runaway black hole'. We already knew that CYGNUS X-3 and X-1 were others. Without knowing these new scientific pearls, we cannot solve the ancient riddles. If You are interested, I can certainly provide You with materials to concider. You can write to me on gasparvili@gmail.com, see my FB page William 'Vilmos' Gaspar or God's Generator . The ancient Hindu rishis and sages knew not only the two black holes that I mentioned, but even the LARGEST one in the Universe, I can prove that to You. Blessings to You. William A. Gaspar MD

  2. http://endic.ru/bible/Ham-36438.html

    Bible Revision - Bible revisions made by rabbis and Christians

    Author Paul William Roberts states in Empires of the Soul: Some Voyages to India: “Recent research suggests that the Vedic era was a lost civilization whose legacy the Egyptians and Indians inherited. She must have been. There are too many similarities between hieroglyphic texts and Vedic texts, which, in turn, are repeated in a somewhat diluted and confused form by the authors of the Babylonian texts and the Old Testament.


  3. Stumbled across this treasure trove of a blog while reading about Mudras. Envy you for being able to pursue this. - Manjula.

    1. Thank you. One needs to get away from the pursuit of wealth and power, in order to be able to explore the real interests and passions.