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  1. Mr. Misra, Thank You for the enormous research time You spent on writing several of your articles. I learned a lot about the Kali Yuga and other calendrical concepts. ... I would love to share a few things I learned in my research. The Sumerian picture that You show is about the eruption of ORION. In 2012 Cornell University finally declared the Orion Nebula as a 'runaway black hole'. We already knew that CYGNUS X-3 and X-1 were others. Without knowing these new scientific pearls, we cannot solve the ancient riddles. If You are interested, I can certainly provide You with materials to concider. You can write to me on gasparvili@gmail.com, see my FB page William 'Vilmos' Gaspar or God's Generator . The ancient Hindu rishis and sages knew not only the two black holes that I mentioned, but even the LARGEST one in the Universe, I can prove that to You. Blessings to You. William A. Gaspar MD

  2. http://endic.ru/bible/Ham-36438.html

    Bible Revision - Bible revisions made by rabbis and Christians

    Author Paul William Roberts states in Empires of the Soul: Some Voyages to India: “Recent research suggests that the Vedic era was a lost civilization whose legacy the Egyptians and Indians inherited. She must have been. There are too many similarities between hieroglyphic texts and Vedic texts, which, in turn, are repeated in a somewhat diluted and confused form by the authors of the Babylonian texts and the Old Testament.


  3. Stumbled across this treasure trove of a blog while reading about Mudras. Envy you for being able to pursue this. - Manjula.

    1. Thank you. One needs to get away from the pursuit of wealth and power, in order to be able to explore the real interests and passions.

  4. Hallo,

    Regarding your article ''The end of the Kali Yuga in 2025: Unraveling the mysteries of the Yuga Cycle''

    Please investigate:

    The transition period began 300 years ago!

    1. Timeline 1700-1900 Wars, Great Frost, Year Without a Summer, The Carrington Event, Mud flood, classical music, scientific (re)discoveries, the emergence of new states (USA, Italy, Germany, Greece...

    2. Ancient Slavic calendar:
    а) Why and how Serbs and Russians date the calendar to 5508 BC?
    b) Similarity of Sanskrit with Serbian and Russian?
    c) Why do we have the Nordic and Indian Vedas, and we do not have the Slavic ones? Between the North and the South 5000km of desolation!?!

    1. Thanks for your message. I really do not think the period of transition has started yet, since during these periods there is a global collapse of civilization, which is replaced by a new one. Since we are in the Kali Yuga - the lowest point in the cycle - the coming transition will be very severe and leave no trace of our morally and spiritually corrupt culture.

      As for the connections between Sanskrit, Serbian, Russian and Nordic cultures - it is something that definitely requires closer investigations. There are lots of connections, which hints at ancient cultural linkages that have not been explored.

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  6. Hello Bibhu, I just read your great article on Yugas and Kali yuga end in 2025. I wanted to tell you that you have done a tremendous job. I would like to get in touch with moving forward if you like. Find me on LinkedIn or Fb

  7. Sir, Charan Kahan hai aapke..bahot badhiya likha hai..apko koti koti pranam

  8. Pls sir, try to start your YouTube channel and update us on this knowledge...i also want to learn