I am pleased to announce that my book "Yuga Shift: The End of the Kali Yuga & The Impending Planetary Transformation" has been released on December 15, 2023. 

As some of you are aware, more than a decade ago, in the year 2012, I had written an article on the Yuga Cycle and the impending end of the Kali Yuga in 2025. Since then, I have done a great deal of additional research on this very important topic that concerns all of us, and come across many pieces of evidence from diverse disciplines that corroborates my initial study and sheds much-needed light on many aspects of this grand cycle of time that regulates human civilization and human consciousness. 

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.com for International readers and on Amazon.in, Flipkart, and the online book store of White Falcon Publishers (at a 10% discount) for Indian readers. The links are provided below:


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I am sharing a brief description of the book, and a few testimonials. In the coming months, I shall write a series of articles for sharing some of the important ideas, evidence and insights in the book.  

Book Description

Almost every ancient culture believed that human civilization and consciousness has progressively declined since an erstwhile Golden Age or Satya Yuga till the current age of greed and lies, discord and strife, called the Iron Age or Kali Yuga. Unfortunately, during our long passage through the darkness of the Kali Yuga, the original formulation of the Yuga Cycle was lost.

In this extensively researched book, Bibhu Dev Misra has delineated the common threads that run through the Yuga Cycle doctrines of multiple ancient cultures, taking the aid of scientific discoveries from various disciplines. His reconstruction of the original Yuga Cycle framework indicates that the end of the Kali Yuga is just around the corner - in 2025!

Within a span of just 15 years, by the year 2040, the Kali Yuga civilization is likely to collapse due to a combination of global wars, environmental catastrophes and comet impacts. We are living in the end-times that the ancient prophecies had warned us about. The survivors of the impending cataclysms will inherit a renewed earth, bathed in the divine light of the Central Sun.

There is compelling evidence from many sources that the Yuga Cycle is a valid scientific doctrine, and is perfectly aligned with the earth’s precession cycle. It explains the periodic collapse and re-emergence of civilizations across the world every 3000-odd years, and the progressive decline in our physical size and cranial volume over the past 11,700 years of the descending Yuga Cycle. 

But why does our size and consciousness fluctuate in a sinusoidal manner over the course of the Yuga Cycle? What are the triggers for the cataclysmic obliteration of civilization during the periods of transition between the Yuga? What is the significance of the end-time prophecies which tell of a Savior or Avatar returning at the end of the Kali Yuga? How can we navigate through the upheavals and chaos of the Yuga-ending period? 

These are some of the key questions addressed in this book. This riveting and thought-provoking work contains one of the most important messages of our time. 


"Yuga Shift is a triumph in its scope and overall message...The world now sits at the precipice of a major transformation. This book is the key to understanding these changes in an entirely new, yet grounded and centered way, that emerges from Misra's meticulous research and spiritually infused voice."

- Brian Francis Culkin, author, The Ayahuasca Dialogues and Studies in Symbolic Astrology

"Impeccably weaving together mythology, history and sacred texts from across the world, Bibhu Dev Misra makes a compelling case that we are nearing the end of the Kali Yuga, and beginning to emerge once again towards an Age of Light...through the doorway of awakening, perhaps as early as 2025."

- Kiara Windrider, author, Gaia Luminous, Homo Luminous, and the Issa trilogy

"Yuga Shift is both enlightening and riveting. Harnessing a wealth of historical data, Misra meticulously charts the Yuga Cycles, unraveling ancient timelines with remarkable precision. A monumental contribution that couldn't have arrived at a more urgent time."

- Benjamin Grundy, host of the Mysterious Universe podcast series. 

I hope that the readers will find the book interesting and informative. Over the years, many readers have asked me though-provoking questions about many aspects of the Yuga Cycle, which, in some cases, led to long-drawn-out email discussions. I had many lingering doubts and queries of my own, and I am glad to say that I have been able to tie up the loose ends and present a comprehensive picture of the original Yuga Cycle formulation along with its implications for the modern-day civilization. 

After trudging through the dense, materialistic vibrations of the Kali Yuga over the past 5700-odd years, humanity has, once again, reached the crossroads of the Yugas. A long period of dramatic transformation lies ahead of us, which will test all of us to the very core. I hope the book will provide much-needed clarity to the readers as to what exactly is going on, where our decadent civilization of the Kali Yuga is headed and how we can deal with the significant changes that are on the way.

Namaste, and happy reading!


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Bibhu Dev Misra

Independent researcher and writer on ancient mysteries, cultural connections, cosmic wisdom, religion and science. Graduate of IIT and IIM with two decades of work experience in different fields

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  1. Hello Bibhu, congratulations on writing a book on such an important topic, many people still believe that there are 432000 year left for Kalyug to end because someone has written it on Wikipedia page but your arguments and research has clearly shown that this is not true. I also think that Kalyug is going to end soon. I would like to ask some questions. As you might be aware that 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu is supposed to appear at the end of Kalyug, what is your opinion regarding that avatar and what will be the situation in the world before his arrival? can you do some research on Kalki avatar? is there any kind of mention of Kalki avatar in other religions like Islam, Christianity, etc? have you written about Kalki avatar in your book?

    1. Thanks Suhail. The last chapter of my book is about the end-time prophecies of many religions - Kalki (Hindu), Christ, Rudra Chakrin (Buddhist), Saoshyant (Persian), Pahana (Hopi). I haven't looked into the end-time prophecies of Islam. My view of Kalki, however, is different from the manner he has been portrayed in traditional Hindu texts. I believe the Avatar, this time, will not take a mortal form, and will appear in his celestial form in the form of a comet or swarm of comets, to bring an end to unrighteousness and the reign of evil.

    2. Thank you for replying brother, I was reading somewhere that in Islam there is a mention of Imam Mehdi(not in Quran) who will restore peace and justice in this world, Imam Mehdi might be Kalki avatar as Sri Krishna himself said that at the end of Kalyug he will take birth in the family of a very pious man and our prophet Muhammad said that before judgment day a person will come to fight evil and redeem Islam who will be from my(prophet Muhammad's) lineage and his name will be same as prophet's name(Muhammad), Imam Mehdi will fight with Dajjal also know as Kali purush in Hindu religion, Kali purush will be assisted by two commanders know as Koka and Vikoka also know as Yajuj and Majuj in Islam. Kalki avatar is mentioned in Hindu religious scriptures, please do some research on it and if possible then also read Islamic scriptures Hadith. According to Islamic calender we are living in 1445 Hijari and some people says that Imam Mehdi should appear at 1450 Hijari which is 5 years from now the year 2028, if you observe closely then you will see that year 2028 is very close from the year in which Kalyug is ending(2025).

    3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. As I have mentioned, I have looked into a number of end-time prophecies and connected that with the known cataclysmic events that have happened during the previous periods of transition between the Yugas. The end time catastrophes are almost always triggered by the dense swarm of comets within the Taurid meteor stream. I do not think that a mortal born on earth in the dense materialistic vibrations of the Kali Yuga will be able to acquire the siddis (supernormal powers) required to defeat the nuclear-armed nations of the world, or to re-establish dharma. The change will come from the skies, in the 2030s, and will be over by 2040.

    4. You are welcome brother 😊

  2. What is your view on Kalki possibly being from an advanced alien civilization where he has already incarnated? What is your view on the increasing chatter around UFOs especially in the US and whistleblower accounts of retrievals of spacecrafts and their (deceased) inhabitants?

    1. In my book I have proposed that the comets within the Taurid Resonant Swarm - which are now in a dormant state - are the "messengers" or "animal mounts" (vahanas, in Sanskrit) of the "gods", which are periodically activated and divinely directed to carry out the destruction and renewal of civilization at the end of a Yuga. Most ancient cultures depicted their "gods" as humanoid beings of supernormal powers, which suggests that they could be alien beings from a different star system. Kalki, in my opinion is the god Indra / Marduk / Zeus, who regulates a "horse comet" within the Taurid Resonant Swarm.
      Sightings of UFOs and humanoid alien beings have been reported form all over the world over the past few decades, and not just from the US. In many cases, swarms of UFOs have arrived at a specific place, with hundreds of sightings reported in a short period of time, for instance in Brazil and Italy. However, I do not believe that any alien aircraft or alien bodies have been recovered, for their technology is far superior to ours. All the chatter around recovery of crafts or aliens are most likely cases of secret military experiments having gone wrong. As to who these aliens are or why they are here is a big question, which I shall probably delve into in later articles.

    2. Thank you for your reply. Looking forward to your articles on the aliens and the UFO phenomenon. I would particularly be interested in your take on the revelations made recently by David Grusch (an American intelligence officer turned whistleblower) that have been widely publicized and even featured in a US Congressional hearing.

  3. Bonjour,
    Merci pour votre travail très renseigné et documenté.
    Ma question est :
    Selon la théorie de Z. Sitchin, la planète X ou Nibiru (Marduk selon les sumériens) est sensée réapparaître tous les 3600 ans dans notre système solaire et provoquer ou non des cataclysmes conséquents sur Terre. La mythologie sumérienne attribue à cette énorme planète la création de notre Terre après la collision avec Tiamat, créant ainsi notre planète et sa Lune et les débris formant la ceinture d’astéroïdes. Pensez-vous que l’orbite de 3600 ans de Nibiru arrivant à son terme corresponde à la fin du kali yuga ?
    Merci pour votre culture.

    1. Nibiru was the older name of the Babylonian storm-god Marduk. In my book, I have argued that Marduk is a giant "comet" within the Taurid Resonant Swarm which becomes active and impacts the earth every 3000 years or so. The fact that Marduk was symbolized by a “winged disc” implies that Marduk is body with wings or tails that can fly through space, just like a comet. A two-tailed comet does look like a bird, and the Chinese referred to a specific type of comet as a "long tailed pheasant bird". The next two passages of the earth through the Taurid Resonant Swarm will be in the years 2032 and 2036, which is when Marduk or Nibiru might get activated as a giant, effulgent comet, and impact the earth with devastating consequences.

  4. Congratulation for writing an excellent book on yuga cycle. The amount of research you have done, the passion with which you have presented your arguments supported by evidences and the style of writing is mind blowing. The yuga cycle you have suggested is logical. If the value, virtue and consciousness gradually decreases from satya yuga to kaliyuga then it also should increase gradually. I feel that we are both unlucky and lucky to be born at this time of kaliyuga. Unlucky because we are living in that phase of kaliyuga when the value, virtue and consciousness are at absolute lowest level. Lucky because we could probably witness the yuga transition effect and the gradual increase in consciousness.
    However , I am not fully convinced on one point ( That doesn't mean that I disagree with you)
    You have suggested that the 10th avatar Kalki could be a comet. As per indian texts, all the avtars are incarnation of vishnu and all the previous avtars are live forms. So it appears logical that 10th avtar will also be a living being. Of course the description given is metaphorical but It is difficult to imagine that the ancient texts knowingly or unknowingly have related a comet as the kalki avtar.

    1. Hello Manoj,
      Its great to know that you have read the book, and found it interesting. I agree that this is difficult yet fascinating time to live, since we will witness a lot epochal events which happen only once in a Yuga Cycle, and the learning we will have from this experience will be phenomenal. Regarding Kalki, I have looked into a number of eschatological texts - Buddhist, Persian, Christian etc. - and all of them agree that the Avatar or Savior will come in his celestial form from the skies, which tallies very well with the Taurid comets. As I have mentioned in the book, the comets are the vahanas or messengers of the gods, and they are remotely guided by the gods to achieve the desired outcomes. The gods, themselves, may appear seated on top of the comets, although this is something that we need to wait and watch for. But, overall, I am quite certain that there will be no mortal incarnation of Vishnu after the Kali Yuga, since the planetary energies are so dense at this point of time that a mortal simply cannot acquire the Yoga siddhis required for bringing about planetary scale changes.

  5. Thanks for the reply. One more question is coming to my mind. You have mentioned about Brahma, Vishnu, Indra but not about shiva except some customary reference. Shiva is considered the destroyer . Share your thoughts about shiva in the context of the yuga doctrine proposed by you.

    1. Shiva brings about the dissolution of the world at the end of a Kalpa or Day of Brahma which extends for a 1000 Yuga Cycles i.e every 26 million years. This corresponds to the 26-million year mass extinction event on earth. This is why Shiva is called the Destroyer. As far as the Yuga-ending cataclysms are concerned, this role has been taken over by his son Kartikeya, and Indra. Shiva, for the most part is a meditative god, and is the giver of Yogic wisdom and Yoga siddhis. I have mentioned in my book, Kalki will emerge from Shambhala, and Shambhala is "Shambhu-alaya" i.e. Shivaloka. So, all the gods and their vahanas i.e. the comets, are located in the same region of space.

  6. what is the current understanding about the the underground aquifers that you have mentioned in the book? Could you please share some more details about it ?

    1. You can refer to the Wikipedia article on aquifers for more information.