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The last Ice Age, which began nearly 125,000 years ago, had reached its maximum extent during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) around 20,000 years ago. At this time, large parts of the Northern Hemisphere were covered in kilometers thick ice caps, and the sea level was nearly 400 feet lower than it is today.[1] Large tracts of the continental shelves which are now submerged under water, used to be sea-front, real estate – perhaps supporting many thriving, maritime, Ice Age civilizations. Not only were the existing islands much larger back then, but many new islands were exposed in the seas, which were connected to each other and to the mainland by land bridges, forming vast antediluvian landmasses. 


Note: I have written this article for Mysterious Universe (MU). 

"The Lament of Hermes" is a Hermetic text written sometime between the 1st - 3rd centuries CE, and is attributed to the deity Hermes / Thoth. The text contains prophetic statements about the future decline of the Egyptian civilization, which came true with surprising accuracy. In fact, the prophecy seems to be a visionary commentary on the destruction of native cultures around the world over the past 2000-odd years. The final part of the prophecy, which describes the eventual renewal and restoration of the world is pertinent for our times, and ties in with the impending end of the Kali Yuga in 2025.

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My discussion with Cliff Dunning on the Earth Ancients Podcast, on the topic of the Mahabharata War in ancient India, and the references to vimanas and powerful astras (i.e. celestial weapons) in the Mahabharata and other Sanskrit texts.

I get introduced at 16:58 mins into the podcast, and our discussion continues for more than an hour after that. We touched upon of lot of interesting questions, including the possibility of extraterrestrial interventions in human civilization in the remote past.

 Note: I wrote this article for Mysterious Universe (MU)

A theory that has been doing the rounds on the internet in recent times is that the "Eye of the Sahara", also known as the Richat Structure, in Mauritania, West Africa, is a possible location of Atlantis. Martin Ettington had written a small booklet on this in 2018, and the Bright Insight YouTube channel made a couple of videos in the same year, and another one in 2023. I found that both the book and the Youtube videos have quite a few errors, and decided to do my own research to see if the evidence adds up. 

I have listed out the similarities and mismatches, but, in the end, I believe that the correlations are quite persuasive, and the Richat Structure could be the potential remnants of Atlantis, if we are willing to acknowledge that the story of Atlantis, which had been handed down by means of oral tradition for more than 9000 years before it was written down by Plato, is bound to contain many modifications and embellishments. Read it, and decide for yourself. Until archaeological evidence is found, however, nothing can be concluded, one way or the other.

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