August 2022


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The legend of the Phoenix that rises from the ashes of its parent is quite well-known. Herodotus had taken this legend to Greece from Egypt, where it was called the Benu Bird. When we read the legends and descriptions of the Benu Bird or the Phoenix, and its counterparts in the Mediterranean region such as the Aetos Dios (Eagle of Zeus) in Greece, the Aquila of the Romans or the Double-headed Eagle that became a symbol of imperial strength and authority across Europe, it becomes quite clear that the Phoenix is not a terrestrial bird, but a periodic comet, that gets very close to the Sun during its perihelion passage (i.e. a Sungrazing comet), and whose apehelion is near the orbit of Jupiter (i.e. a Jupiter-family comet). Like many other comets, it has a double-lobed nucleus, because of which it was also represented as a double-headed eagle. The comet periodically strikes the Earth with fiery projectiles and seeds our planet with water and life, acting as the herald of a new dispensation.

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