The "Other Side of Midnight" radio program with Richard Hoagland which was broadcast on Saturday Dec 22, 2018.

It was a 3 hour discussion on a range of topics which I have written about. The primary focus was on the article that I had written on the impending end of the Kali Yuga: "The end of the Kali Yuga in 2025: Unraveling the mysteries of the Yuga Cycle". But we also touched on many other subjects such as Consciousness Changes, Yoga Mudras in Christian Art, Jesus in India, The Balochistan Sphinx, the Ratnagiri Petroglyphs and more.

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Bibhu Dev Misra

Independent researcher and writer on ancient mysteries, cultural connections, cosmic wisdom, religion and science. Graduate of IIT and IIM with two decades of work experience in different fields

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  1. Hello Sir. I have recently gone through your research on the end of kaliyuga. There's nothing that was unbelievable. Somehow I have always believed in the yuga theory, though I am mostly surrounded by the non-believers. The way you have explained the theory on yuga cycle and end of kaliyuga is quite enlightening. Now, as we all are going through the difficult times in 2020, I hope Mr. Richard Hoagland would recall every piece of information shared by you during the interview back in 2018 and would start agreeing to this theory.
    I am eager to read or listen to another theory/research of yours based on the events that have happened in 2020 and how it justifies your research on the end of kaliyuga in 2025.

    1. Hello Upasana, thanks for leaving your feedback. I am glad to know that my interpretation of the Yuga cycle theory appealed to you. Although we are still 5 years away from the proposed end of the kali yuga in 2025, the changes have already started to manifest. A yuga cycle ending is generally accompanied by large scale environmental, social and economic changes until the existing civilization begins to collapse, and a new divine energy enters our plane and begins to manifest itself in new ways of thinking, relating and organizing. I think we shall see the changes accelerating as we move towards 2025 and enter into the period of transition. I shall be writing more on the Yuga cycle in future, so please an eye out for new articles.