The "Other Side of Midnight" radio program with Richard Hoagland which was broadcast on Saturday Dec 22, 2018.

It was a 3 hour discussion on a range of topics which I have written about. The primary focus was on the article that I had written on the impending end of the Kali Yuga: "The end of the Kali Yuga in 2025: Unraveling the mysteries of the Yuga Cycle". But we also touched on many other subjects such as Consciousness Changes, Yoga Mudras in Christian Art, Jesus in India, The Balochistan Sphinx, the Ratnagiri Petroglyphs and more.

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Bibhu Dev Misra

Independent researcher and writer on ancient mysteries, cultural connections, cosmic wisdom, religion and science. Graduate of IIT and IIM with two decades of work experience in different fields

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  1. Hello Sir. I have recently gone through your research on the end of kaliyuga. There's nothing that was unbelievable. Somehow I have always believed in the yuga theory, though I am mostly surrounded by the non-believers. The way you have explained the theory on yuga cycle and end of kaliyuga is quite enlightening. Now, as we all are going through the difficult times in 2020, I hope Mr. Richard Hoagland would recall every piece of information shared by you during the interview back in 2018 and would start agreeing to this theory.
    I am eager to read or listen to another theory/research of yours based on the events that have happened in 2020 and how it justifies your research on the end of kaliyuga in 2025.

    1. Hello Upasana, thanks for leaving your feedback. I am glad to know that my interpretation of the Yuga cycle theory appealed to you. Although we are still 5 years away from the proposed end of the kali yuga in 2025, the changes have already started to manifest. A yuga cycle ending is generally accompanied by large scale environmental, social and economic changes until the existing civilization begins to collapse, and a new divine energy enters our plane and begins to manifest itself in new ways of thinking, relating and organizing. I think we shall see the changes accelerating as we move towards 2025 and enter into the period of transition. I shall be writing more on the Yuga cycle in future, so please an eye out for new articles.

    2. We have found something unusual in New Zealand, that may have come from India. 90 human generations ago a great fleet from the middle east arrived at Easter Island to establish a global peace voyage journey for the entire world. Around 0 AD. Their "great" fleet of ships arrived at Easter Island, so therefore this most desolate place on Earth was on ancient navigation charts. From their a vast sea of whales and dolphins took them to New Zealand and on arrival they walked inland to a sacred rock, known on these ancient navigation charts, as "the beginning of time". Which since the speed of light is the only constant, can measure time, can also measure "the beginning of time". In New Zealand's case this means there is (1) no constitution at the beginning of time (which is the definition of communism), as the total destruction of human rights comprising the entire cycle of time as communism. (2) the law is totally illegal since the end of WW1, meaning "illegal law at the beginning of time" (meaning lies = law), whereas for longevity of humans truth = law.

      The next point is that the Maori invaders were Baal death cult, and they reversed the direction of the eternal peace Waka from peace to war, in conjunction with the genocide of this nation of people who lived in NZ for over 1000 years prior to the Baal death cult cannibals, opposed to the "celebration of life". That satanic ritual abuse was associated with this cannibalism of this entire nation of people, and the reversal of the direction of the global peace Waka to eternal war.

      Which in summary, mean that magically, all evil on earth appears logically to begin from New Zealand. Where hidden in plain sight is a place called "hell's gate", meaning the gate for evil to enter the earth.

  2. Hi Bibhu,
    Thank you so much for your continued research efforts and taking the time to share all of your findings. I have gleaned many insights from your work!
    I do have a question about the Saptarshi Yuga Cycle though:
    If the Great Bear resides in each of the 27 Nakshatras for 100 years each for a total of 2700 years to complete a full Yuga cycle, where does the Great Bear go during the 300 years following the 27th Nakshatra and before the next Yuga Cycle begins?
    Following this progression through the sky, it would seem to me that the Great Bear would move immediately into the 1st Nakshatra of the next Yuga cycle once again and at the 300 year mark following the newly ended Yuga, it would be in the 3rd Nakshatra moving into the 4th Nakshatra of the next Yuga.
    Does the Great Bear reside for “roughly 100 years” as in about 111 years in each Nakshatra? That would come out to 2997 total years for a full cycle or does the Great Bear disappear for a while below the horizon? It certainly can’t stand still in the sky for 300 years right? I would love to get some clarity on this if possible because so far, that is the only pesky issue that is keeping me from adopting this theory. Everything else seems to match up really well, historically! I’ve always wondered if there was any correlation between the Yugas and the fluctuations in our planets history, especially the Younger Dryas period. I think “The Holy Science” version of the 4321 Yugas has the Younger Dryas event smack dab in the middle of the descending Satya Yuga which just wasn’t adding up for me.
    Anyway thank you for any time you take to answer this question! If you have already answered it, please point me in the right direction.


    1. Hello Danny,
      Thanks for leaving your comment. The Great Bear keeps moving through the 27 Nakshatras spending 100 years in each. After a full cycle of 2700 years, it moves through the next 3 Nakstras for the 300 year period of transition. The next Yuga starts from the 4th Nakshatra in the sequence. I think you are assuming that all the yugas start from the same Nakshatra. That is not the case. The Descending Dwapara started from 6676 BC when the Great Bear was in Ashwini, the Descending Kali started from 3676 BC when the Great Bear was in Rohini and so on. If you go to my article, and look at figure 2 you will see that I have shown the starting nakshatras along with the dates.

  3. Hello Mr Bibhu, I read in your research paper that Kaliyuga is going to end in 2025, Lord Krishna has said that at the end of Kaliyuga he will take birth in a family of a very virtuous man to end evil forces, can you please do a research on Kalki avatar of Lord Vishnu. There is some confusion about his arrival and appearance time. You are a researcher, I would be really grateful to you if you do some research on this topic of Kalki avatar and present your findings with us.